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Dentostack's June Update Makes Management Easier

Enjoy a redesigned appointment management UI and fresh social media content in MediaHut to engage patients and increase your dental clinic's online presence.

Dentostack is continually working to improve your experience and make it easier to manage your dental clinic. This month, we have some interesting changes for both the appointment module and MediaHut!

Appointment Module now has a refined UI/UX.

Appointments can now be managed even more easily! We’ve updated the appointment module with a more simplified UI, making the procedure more seamless and straightforward, especially when using a mobile device. The redesigned layout provides a more smoother experience, allowing you to focus on what is most important to your - your patients.

See the difference yourself:

To give you a better understanding of the improvements, we’ve included screenshots of the appointment module before and after the upgrade in both desktop and mobile views.

Mobile UI preview

Appointments are now shown as cards in the new mobile layout, making the appointment actions (confirm, cancel, start) and other operations like search and filters more user-friendly. Previously, the top section was occupied by search and filter tools, forcing users to scroll down to see the first appointment in the list. This minimalist layout improves the user experience and accessibility.

mobile ui preview

Desktop UI preview

In the new desktop view, we’ve enhanced the appointment table to be more informative and organized. For example, appointment slots now display date, time, and duration in a single column. Similarly, patient information is more accessible by grouping the name and contact details together. This improved layout ensures that the right information is always in the right place, making it easier to navigate and manage appointments.

desktop ui preview

Fresh content added to MediaHut

Dentostack provides a social media content creation tool called MediaHut. Instead of spending time creating posts from scratch, MediaHut enables dental clinics to easily generate social media posts that already includes their clinic branding. Consider it a library of pre-made social media posts. All you have to do is select a topic, such as an upcoming festival / dental-related topic, and MediaHut will give you with social media content that can be downloaded and shared with the people you serve. This can save your time and effort while managing your dental clinic’s social media presence.

Educate and empower your patients

mediahut educational

The new content in MediaHut’s dental education category helps you to create compelling social media posts that educates your patients while positioning your clinic as a trusted authority. Easily create eye-catching “Myth vs. Fact” posts and other useful contents tuned with your clinic’s logo and colours. This helps you gaining the trust of potential patients.

Stay ahead with festival content

mediahut event

MediaHut’s social media content library has been updated with new pre-made posts specifically for upcoming June and July events. This includes events like World Environment Day and Father’s Day, as well as health observances like Public Health Dentistry Day. Additionally, there’s content for festivals like Bakrid (Eid al-Adha). With this new content readily available, it’s easier to stay active on social media throughout the year by promoting your clinic and connecting with patients around these important dates.

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